The House of Silk is a brainchild of a young couple from the East that grew up nurturing the true value of authentic handmade products. As kids, they used to roam under the blue domes of legendary ancient cities and soaked all the ambience of grand bazaars discovering the world of historic masterpieces.

The brand was created in 2019, with the vision of introducing the Western world to the jewels of oriental home décor products tracing all the way back to  the Great Silk Road.

According to an ancient oriental ideology, everything in the house has its own place and the mission of driving wellbeing into the house. With that in mind, the House of Silk offers delicately handcrafted masterpieces and kaleidoscopic ikat textile items that have deep philosophy of bringing prosperity to your home.

We are inviting you to join us in the journey to the macrocosm of oriental souk where you will find the most exquisite home décor products. The colorful patterns that symbolize our products are based on a venerable technique – Ikat ornament.

The mission of the brand is to maintain a socially responsible entity by providing employment opportunities to craftsmen in isolated rural areas of Central Asia. All product sold by the House of Silk are handmade and provide economic opportunity for artisans in the East and invigorate beautiful homes in the West.